clear the clutter

Get rid of the stuff that is taking up your space, time and energy without giving anything back.  Enjoy your space without the excess and finally breathe!




Without your extra stuff you will spend less time searching for things, less time cleaning and more time for your friends, your family and YOURSELF! With fewer belongings it will be easy to get organized and keep it that way. You will reap the benefits of a simpler life at home.

Your Home


Make your space function for your lifestyle. Create the environment in which you will want and love to spend with family and friends. 


Your System


Develop a system tailored to your life to prevent clutter from building back up. Learn to be a gate keeper for what comes into your home so you can maintain your simple, clean and organized sanctuary.

Dana Cohen



Dana helped me clear away over a decade of collected clutter.  I cannot believe how much easier it is to use my kitchen, and how much happier I am to be in it!


Melanie K, Champaign